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Thief of tales cover

If you are looking forward to the release of the next Tuck Tales, Ragnarok, or waiting to see what fun new stories we have in store, take a look.

Coming for Summer Reading 2021 Tales and Tails

Thief of tales cover

Today started out as a normal morning…or at least I think it did.
Waking up, I rolled out of bed and went to brush my teeth when I noticed that I had a pair of antlers on my head! I didn’t remember having antlers, then again I didn’t remember anything! The paw print on my forehead was a sign that the Thief of Tales had stolen my story, and if I didn’t get it back soon it would be gone…forever!

Summer 2021 Releases

Tuck 3

How to Eat With an Elephant

Fall 2021

Ragnarok 2

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