Headshot of Pamela Harrington

Help inspire a love of reading and writing in students of all ages by having author Pamela Harrington come to your school or library (in-person, or virtually) for fun presentations and workshops.

If you are looking for something fun and different for a summer reading program, or want to help students learn more about the creative writing process, Pamela Harrington offers a wide range of presentations to meet every situation.

All programs include uplifting messages, engagement, encouragement, and most importantly…fun.

Virtual Meet The Author Appearances, Presentations, and Workshops

New for 2021, Pamela Harrington is offering virtual “Meet the Author” sessions, presentations, and workshops.

Using Zoom or other virtual meeting software, participants will enjoy fun messages and activities in the comfort of their own homes.

A virtual presentation will include:

  • Get to know the author
  • Story Readings
  • Activities (Links of downloadable materials will be provided)
  • Music Video
  • A glimpse into the creative process
  • Sneak peeks of future releases
  • Q&A

Other discussions and activities can be included depending on the hosts requests.

In-Person Appearances, Presentations, and Workshops

Depending on location and social distancing guidelines, in-person presentations are available for school and library events.

An in-person presentation includes:

  • Fun games and activities
  • Group challenges
  • Motivational message
  • Story reading
  • Musical number
  • Sneak peeks
  • Q&A
  • Book Signings

Costs and Rates

Costs for a standard event:

  • $100 per session (virtual and in-person), with a 20% discount for additional sessions
  • For in-person events, costs of mileage and accommodations determined by distance and current gas and hotel rates

To sign up your school or organization, or to request additional information