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If you are looking for a great book with a great message, give these fun and adventurous books a try!

Children’s Books Titles

The Thief of Tales

Today started out as a normal morning…or at least I think it did.
Waking up, I rolled out of bed and went to brush my teeth when I noticed that I had a pair of antlers on my head! I didn’t remember having antlers, then again I didn’t remember anything! The paw print on my forehead was a sign that the Thief of Tales had stolen my story, and if I didn’t get it back soon it would be gone…forever!

Princess Delyanie The Dinosaur

This not your typical princess story! Princess Delaynie Demure was once very shy and unsure, until the day she had the misfortune of meeting the miserable, horrible, Sorcerer Malo Dejour. With his curse, she is transformed into the Dinosaur Princess-losing all that she knows but finding all that she really is!

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Imperfectly Me

Princess Pricilla is like most other princesses. She lives in a castle, wears a crown, and has…thirteen and a half toes? When invited to attend Pleasant Pines Princess Camp, a camp just for princesses, she can’t wait to go. However, when she arrives she realizes that she isn’t quite like the other princesses. Join Princess Pricilla as she discovers what it takes to be a perfectly perfect princess and where true magic can be found.

The Fabulous Fabio of Finn

The Fabulous Sir Fabio of Finn was a legend throughout his kingdom for his bravery and grin. However, all that changed one fateful day, when Sir Fabio didn’t act in a very knightly way. Now the kingdom is in peril, there are flyswatters and panic, will Sir Fabio rise and be the hero when things are hopeless and manic?

She Became

An empowering beautiful story of a girl discovering her destiny. With whimsically stunning illustrations, this book is an inspiring salute to those who have shaped our lives and the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

YA Titles and Books

Tuck Tales 1-In the Mountain of the Thunder God

Life at Duncan Elementary can get pretty boring for a tech-savvy vole like Tuck. However, everything changes when the slick, smooth-talking cowboy, Mr. Clanton, kidnaps Tuck’s friend, Earp the tortoise who holds the key to the mythical gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. With the help of his friend, Layla Lewis, they embark on an adventure which leads them far from home and into the inner sanctum of the god of thunder. Will they escape the clutches of the dastardly Mr. Clanton? Will the thunder god release them from the prison of trapped souls? Or will Tuck finally convince the school librarian that he isn’t a rat?

Tuck Tales 2-Don’t Cry for Me La Llorona

‘Twas the day before Dia de Los Muertos and stuck in a van, nothing was moving, not even a fan.The illegal contraband was stacked in the trailer with care, with hopes that the authorities would remain unaware; The children were locked up, all padlocked and unfed while visions of corpses and legless cockroaches danced in their heads…”Life with the Lewis’ had almost returned to normal when Tuck and the Lewis twins, Hadley and Harvey, go spend Dia de Los Muertos with their Uncle Francisco and his family. The festivities are cut short when a band of international smugglers kidnaps Hadley, her cousin Marcos, and Tuck. To make matters worse, Hadley and Marcos gain the attention of La Llorona, the weeping lady of lore, who mistakes them for her own children. Will Tuck be able to rescue Hadley and Marcos before the smugglers carry out their nefarious plan? Or will La Llorona drag them all to heaven’s gate before help can arrive?

Ragnarok Interrupted-In the Ashes of the Gods (Book 1)

Aine, the mighty chieftainess has returned from defeating Matthais, the marauding pirate and self-proclaimed king of the trade winds. However, soon after her return, she finds herself mysteriously transported to the dimension of the fallen gods and is hunted by its new overlords. With the help of an unseen guide, Aine sets on a journey to find her way home. Along the way, she meets creatures from an unknown past and discovers that the fate of both worlds resides within her.