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Stories have the ability to inspire and empower those who read. The worlds and stories crafted by Pamela Harrington each shows the power of rising against adversity, being true to the best you, and how goodness can change the world.

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From to dinosaurs to fairies, check out the great imaginative children’s titles from Pamela Harrington.

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Home of the Tuck Tale series and Ragnarok Interrupted, there are many adventures to be discovered.

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Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur

I highly recommend any teachers reading this book to their students, it is a different concept than other stories!”


“I LOVE this book. I bought it for my neice not knowing anything about it besides the cover art and i just read it it’s really fantastic. The writing is beautiful i love children’s books that use big words and the message is really beautiful. The illustrations are really wonderful a definite buy for any little girl who loves princesses and dinosaurs.”


Imperfectly Me

“This book was amazing and the pictures that are in this book are so colorful. I love reading this book to my preschoolers because I feel it’s so important that children know as they are developing that they don’t have to be perfect, what a better way then to read a book and start the conversation! ❤️”


Tuck Tales Series

“This series is absolutely AMAZING! Full of fun and adventure, my kids and I enjoyed reading it together and can’t wait to read more of Tuck’s adventures!”


Ragnarok Interrupted

“What a great read! I love the combination of different mythologies. It’s an easy read, but it gives you something to think about as well. Great Job!”


Little girl reading Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur

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